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Why Donald Trump gave a presidential pardon to a Breonna Taylor nonviolence activist



Christopher 2X : Executive Director

Christopher 2X has been an advocate for peace and justice for two decades. He is often contacted to help resolve high-profile incidents involving race and violence in the community. He knows that early childhood education is a vital key to ending gun violence long term.

In 2018, Christopher 2X was urged by Charles Adkins, tax attorney and retired Special Agent of the U.S. Treasury Department, to expand his impact in Louisville. The result was the formation of Christopher 2X Game Changers, a 501c3 non-profit organization, which leads a movement for social justice through education and non-violence so all children can reach their full potential. The name “Game Changers” was inspired to Chris by his friend for over a decade, Entertainment Mogul Percy Miller aka Master P. Christopher 2X is Executive Director of Game Changers which has a diverse, Board of Directors.

In March of 2020, United States Senator Rand Paul recognized the importance of Christopher 2X’s Violence-Impact on Children Learning report and entered it into the Congressional Record from the United States Senate Floor. This report was authored by Christopher 2X, and Christopher 2X Game Changers, to study the impact violence has had on many families and communities in Louisville.

In December of 2020, Christopher 2X received a Full and Unconditional Pardon from the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Christopher 2X was grateful to receive this pardon and continued to focus on his work for justice, non-violence and education so all children can reach their potential.

In May of 2021, the University of Louisville Hospital Trauma Center honored Christopher 2X with the “Community Partner Award.” For 15 years Christopher 2X has assisted the trauma team doctors and staff by helping victims of violence and their families deal with grief and hard decisions. UofL Health recognized his “countless hours of sacrifice and service both seen and unseen in transforming the lives of those touched by violence.”

Christopher 2X holds an honorary Doctorate of Public Service degree from Spalding University. He was awarded the Joan E. Thomas, M.D. Lifetime Achievement Award for Peacemaking by The Center for Women and Families in 2018 and 2020 Man of the Year Award' from Community Connections Group. Christopher 2X frequently speaks to organizations and students about the devastating results of violence and the importance of education, especially early childhood education.

Christie Welch : Deputy Director

Christie graduated Cum Laude from the University of Louisville 2019 with majors in Pan African Studies and Humanities and minors in philosophy and religious studies. She is the owner of Through The Stone crystal jewelry line and runs a personal blog/community forum!


Board of Directors


Board of Directors

 David Nicklies

President &CEO, Nicklies Development


Board of Directors

Vice Chairman
 Josh Crawford

Executive Director, The Pegasus Institute


Board of Directors

Aqueelah Haleem 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist and Business Owner


Board of Directors


Frost, Brown, Todd law firm, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of KY


Board of Directors


President/CEO, The Kidz Club


Board of Directors


Volunteer executive director, KY Race Track Chaplaincy and vice president, Race Track Chaplaincy of America; former chairman Atlas Machine and Supply Co.

Volunteer Advisors

Alexa%20Wilson%20 %20Forensic%20Psychologist%20copy

Volunteer Advisor


Behavioral Therapist

Jerron works with kids traumatized by gun violence

Kendra%20Ford%20 %20Chemical%20Engineer

Volunteer Advisor


UofL Dental School Student

JaQuaz works at the Chestnut Street YMCA, with kids in the before and after school program, focuses on engagement of children from kindergarten through 8 th grade


Volunteer Advisor

Dr. Keith 

UofL Hospital Trauma Team Surgeon

Dr. Miller advises the Future Healers program of UofL medical students who develop and teach a curriculum for children primarily from underserved neighborhoods

Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board works with 2X and Deputy Director Christie Welch to develop programs and efforts to combat violence and support families and kids impacted by violence.

Alexa%20Wilson%20 %20Forensic%20Psychologist%20copy

Youth Advisory Board


Forensic Psychologist

Kendra%20Ford%20 %20Chemical%20Engineer

Youth Advisory Board


Chemical Engineer

Maximus Montoya

Youth Advisory Board


University of Louisville Student

Zion%20Bonds %20Studying%20Mass%20Communications%20at%20Tennessee%20State%20University%20copy

Youth Advisory Board


Mass Communications Student at Tennessee State University

Zion%20Bonds %20Studying%20Mass%20Communications%20at%20Tennessee%20State%20University%20copy

Youth Advisory Board

Victoria Gwynn

Gun Shot


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