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While I Have Your Attention: Christopher 2X

"My advice to everybody is that at the end of the day there's one common factor that can at least make us think better of each other as human beings and how we get to that space of respect and in a better light of understanding... Children, for some reason, are the magical presence and the power to make us humble ourselves to how we can get to better spaces."

UofL Hospital Trauma Center 2019 Awards


AwardsOn Sept. 5, 2019, three former patients, anti-violence advocate Christopher 2X and Russell Coleman, United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky, visited UofL Hospital to present awards to the UofL Hospital trauma outreach team and the UofL Hospital trauma surgery team in recognition of life-saving care provided to gunshot wound victims from 2003-2019.

Gunshot wound survivors Sheronda Morris Jasper, Cierra Twyman Miller, and Dionte Reed shared their stories and personal words of thanks to the nurses and physicians for the care that allowed each of them, as well as thousands of other victims of violence, to recover from their wounds.

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One city, two crises


Christopher 2X collects his thoughts after receiving a text message from his daughter. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

By Roman Stubbs, Jesse Dougherty and Ava Wallace
June 7, 2020

“Louisville is like so many other cities,” 2X said. “Because of the pandemic, because of the issues with job losses and unemployment connected to it, I think there is a lot of built-up frustration, along with the compounding issues that went with everyday life, especially in poor communities. When Breonna’s case went national, … it started to enhance those sentiments and energy.” 



U.S. Sen. Rand Paul enters 2X Game Changers Report into Congressional Record

paul.senate.gov, March 11, 2020

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul sits with Louisville community leaders to talk gun violence.

WHAS11.com, Feb. 24, 2020

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul meets with community leaders to discuss impact of gun violence on Louisville children

WDRB.com, Feb. 24, 2020

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Family of slain Louisville 16-year-old still looking for answers

Courier-Journal.com, Feb. 16, 2020

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Children at Chestnut YMCA thank activist 2X for anti-violence work

WDRB.com, Feb. 14, 2020

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Second Moore High School student killed in less than a month

WHAS.com, Feb. 10, 2020

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Louisville families remember loved ones lost to violence

Courier-Journal, Dec. 30, 2019

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Study shows this has been the second deadliest decade for Louisville

WAVE3.com, Dec. 30, 2019

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Families of Louisville murder victims help one another during holiday season

WDRB.com, Dec. 24, 2019

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Louisville community activist thankful to receive pardon

WDRB.com, Dec. 12, 2019

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Community starts donation drive for 3 young children who lost mother to gun violence

WDRB.com, Dec. 8, 2019

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New report spotlights the trauma of gun violence on Louisville children

WDRB.com, Nov. 11, 2019

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New report shows violence in Louisville is impacting children’s performance in school and social skills

whas11.com, Nov. 11, 2019

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Report highlights impact gun violence has on Louisville youth

wlky.com, Nov. 11, 2019

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Kentucky looking to nonprofits for help with Louisville’s youth jail closing soon.

WDRB.com, Nov. 10, 2019

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Three men hospitalized after two overnight shootings

Wave3.com, Oct. 6, 2019

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Two-year-old girl recovering from surgery after being grazed by bullet in Louisville

WDRB.com, Sept. 27, 2019

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Gunshot victims reunite with UofL Trauma team that saved their lives 

Wave3.com, Sept. 5, 2019

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Victims of gun violence present award to UofL Hospital’s
trauma team

WDRB.com, Sept. 5, 2019

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UofL Hospital Recognition

University of Louisville, Sept. 6, 2019

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