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Option to Success Family Services

Helping families access wrap-around services equipping them to overcome generational barriers.

Option to Success Family Services (OTSFS) is a family & children’s Behavioral Health Service Organizations (BHSO) located in the West End of Louisville, Ky. They work to improve outcomes for youth at every stage of life by providing them with mental health support, mentorship, educational support and strengthening families, no matter what challenges they may be facing. OTSFS offers behavioral services to assist individuals in healing from emotional pain and trauma, stabilizing mental health symptoms, developing coping skills to deal with life’s stressors, strengthening family and social relationships, achieving a greater sense of health, quality of life and well-being, and building resiliency to set emotional safeguards for long term care.

Services Offered:

 Individual Therapy

 Case Management

 Substance Abuse Treatment

 Family Preservation

 Family Education

 Group Therapy

 School Based Services

 Day Treatment (NTI Help)

 Family Resources

The Program Focuses On:

 Controlling Aggression and Anger

 Enhancing Communication and Social Interpersonal Skills

 Making Healthy Choices and Better Decisions

 Improving Daily Living Skills, Impulse Control, Peer Relations and Problem Solving

 Improving Community Responsibility

 Medicaid Funded for Youth Who are Current Recipients and Meet the Eligibility Criteria

Every Child Deserves a Bright Future

OTSFS also runs a Therapeutic Day Treatment Program in which an intensive level of mental health services are offered to youth in school who are experiencing emotional challenges. The treatment provides therapeutic support to youth who struggle with symptoms of ADHD, Depression, ODD, Mood Instability, etc. Interventions employed by our staff will reinforce positive behaviors while reducing self-defeating ideologies and maladaptive responses to structure by implementing and teaching age-appropriate coping mechanisms.

Insurance Accepted:

OTSFS accepts most major insurance providers including Medicaid, however, no one will ever be turned away.

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Executive Director / CEO

Eva is a Certified Targeted Case Manager and Temporary Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She has over 20 years of experience in the human service field.

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Kristy is the CEO & Executive Director of Option to Success Residential Treatment Facility, a local residential facility for teenage girls that has been in operation for the past 9 years. She has over 15 years of previous experience in the Health Insurance Industry.

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Sierra Faith 


Sierra is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision Designation in the state of Kentucky, a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Minister at the Church of Truth. She has served as a counselor for 13 years working with a range of ages 2-70. Her focus has been a collective approach, using therapeutic techniques with her clients to allow an increased self-awareness, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. She has been trained to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Sierra says, "Learning is a continuous process that is both challenging and rewarding, stretching beyond your own knowledge is a journey."

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LPCA, M.Ed. - Therapist 

Ellie specializes in working with LGBTQ+ individuals, welcomes all people and strives for multiculturalism. She has experience working with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and dysphoria. Ellie seeks to advocate for those who cannot for themselves, encourages collaborating and working together, and aims to find new and exceptional ways to combat your real-life issues. She always says, “let’s cross over, let’s do this together."


1800 Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Suite 2D2
Louisville, KY 40203

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